Komatsu excavator demolishing an abandoned home.

Recycling & Processing Services

We take great pride in providing our services to our community as well as the recycling resources - We have trustworthy, longstanding employees and company policies.

Neal Scrap Metals LLC owns and operates an on-site rail system for the convenience of our customers. We welcome all new customers with our services. We are environmentally friendly and have a positive approach to conserve and enhance our natural resources.


We provide services for the commercial industry performing large metal pickup, farming communities for miscellaneous metals as well as demolition services. We specialize in dismounting and demolition of large structures such as factories power plants and etc. Some of our demolition services provided are for residential homes, commercial and industrial facilities, large commercial equipment, water towers, grain silos and many other services.

Neal Scrap Metals LLC provides the metal recycling services and R. E. Neal LLC provides the trucking, trailers, machinery, excavators and containers for all your needs.


We accept ferrous and non-ferrous materials and offer competitive prices for your scap metal purchases. These are just a few of the materials we accept at our Metal Recycling Faclity:

  • Aluminum (Cans and other)
  • Appliances
  • Copper
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Siding
  • Miscellaneous steel and other recyclable materials

Please contact us if you have questions about materials we can accept.

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